The Baby Cries

The Baby Cries

Written & Directed by Mario J. Novoa

Marco is going to all lengths to unite his protective husband David, his estranged conservative parents, and his newborn daughter in a dramedy about love, faith, and devotion. 

Follow David and Marco after the birth of their daughter as they navigate parenthood, family, and relationships. A story uniquely from the Salvadoran-Mexican-American-LGBT perspective.

A story about a married gay couple and their new baby. One dad is spiritual, one is catholic. They navigate religion, they navigate grandparents, community, and friends. Now that there is a baby, what will change for the couple? What will bring them together? What will push them apart? Can a gay family mesh their queer community with their families of origin? A gay story told in a different way. More honest, more real, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking. Always with more diapers.


Martin Morales - Martin Morales is an actor and production designer, known for The Italian Job ( 2003), The Mexican Dream (2003), and Bobby (2006). Martin played the grandfather character in the Los Angeles and Dublin Ireland staged productions of The Baby Cries. IMDB

Miriam Peniche - Miriam Peniche is an actress with a long relationship with theater house CASA 0101 in Boyle Heights. Miriam is known for Police Chicks: Life on the Beat (2011), Peeky Smeeks (2015), and Componiendo a Paco (2012). IMDB

MJ Silva - MJ Silva is an American actor who has appeared in a number of stage productions and films. IMDB

Matt Pascua - Matt Pascua is an actor and producer, known for Rosewood(2015), Wild (2014), and Grey's Anatomy (2005). IMDB 

Director’s Statement:

The Baby Cries was an effort to tell a comedy about a family coming together after years of separation. The catalyst comes in the form of a baby which serves as the impetus for our protagonist Marco, to invite his parents to help take care of his newborn daughter. 

I wanted to explore an LGBT story that had to do with family, multi-generations, homophobia, love, Latino-American culture, and faith. While most Gay comedies focus on romantic relationships and the follies of close friends, I wanted to follow an LGBT connection in contemporary American family life. I've always been a fan of 1970s & 8's television shows like "All In The Family, Family Ties, Good Times, The Cosby Show, and Roseanne, and this was my homage to these great comedies. 

Mario J. Novoa
Written, Produced, and Directed by Mario J. Novoa

Screenplay Claudia Novoa

Produced by Will S. Smith
Produced by Kristen Wair
Co-Produced Martin Morales & Ben Vargas

Music By Morgan Coffman