Community Engagement Screenings

Proposal: Community Engagement Screening of LGBTQ Films presented by Mario J. Novoa & Film Bliss Studios

Introduction: We are excited to present this proposal for a community engagement screening of LGBTQ and or Latine films. This event is part of our larger initiative to promote LGBTQ awareness and education on college campuses.

Film Selection: The event will feature a curated selection of LGBTQ films. Depending on the available budget and preferences, organizers can choose between the following options:

Option 1: Single Film Screening

Option 2: Multiple Film Screenings

The films available for selection include:

"L.A.: A Queer History" is a documentary film that tells the story of LGBTQ+ people in Los Angeles. The film explores the history of the LGBTQ+ community in Los Angeles, from the early days of the city to the present day. The film features interviews with LGBTQ+ people from all walks of life, including activists, artists, and politicians. Two episodes, 120 minutes.

"UNIDAD: Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos" is a documentary film that tells the story of Gay & Lesbian Latinos Unidos (GLLU), a pioneering LGBTQ+ Latin@ organization founded in Los Angeles in 1981. GLLU was instrumental in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights and social justice in the Los Angeles area. The film features interviews with GLLU founders and members, as well as archival footage and photographs. Feature length, 60 minutes. 

"Nelly Queen: The Life & Times of Jose Sarria" tells the story of Jose Sarria, a pioneer in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Sarria was the first openly gay person to run for public office in the United States in 1961. He was also a founding member of the Imperial Court System, one of the first LGBTQ+ rights organizations in the United States. Feature length, 90 minutes. 

"Nancy from East Side Clover" This short documentary film follows the extraordinary journey of Nancy Valverde as she fearlessly defies societal norms and embraces her true self, challenging prejudice and injustice in 1950s Los Angeles with unwavering courage and resilience. Documentary short, 7 minutes

"Jeanne Cordova: Butch, Lies and Feminism", dives into the remarkable life of Jeanne Cordova, an unapologetic feminist and butch lesbian pioneer, as she fearlessly navigates the intersection of identity, activism, and feminism, leaving an indelible mark on LGBTQ+ history. Documentary short, 38 minutes

Objective: The primary objective of this event is to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues, celebrate LGBTQ culture, and foster a sense of inclusivity within a college campus community.

Event Format: The event will begin with the screening(s) of the selected film(s), providing attendees with an opportunity to engage with compelling stories that explore LGBTQ history, culture, and activism. Following the screening(s), we will host a panel discussion featuring the filmmakers. This discussion will allow attendees to gain deeper insights into the LGBTQ community and its rich history.

Key Benefits:

Budget: We will provide a detailed budget upon approval of this proposal, including costs for venue rental, film licenses (based on the selected screening option), promotion, and panelist expenses.

Conclusion: By hosting this community engagement screening of LGBTQ films, you are actively contributing to the mission of cultivating an inclusive and diverse college campus. Your support and approval for this event will not only enrich the campus community but also help spark meaningful conversations and foster a more informed and connected campus culture. 

Thank you for considering our proposal.

Mario J. Novoa

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