Nancy From East Side Clover

Featuring: Nancy Valverde

Director: Gregorio Davila

Producer/Camera Operator/Sound Mixer: Mario J. Novoa

Nancy From East Side Clover + LA A Queer History teaser trailer – HD from Mario Jose Novoa on Vimeo.

More About Nancy Valverde:

As a woman who confidently expressed her masculinity through her short hair and preference for masculine attire, Nancy Valverde frequently found herself at odds with the LAPD. She faced multiple charges under the "masquerading laws" of that era, regulations that unjustly prohibited individuals from wearing gender-nonconforming clothing. Despite her self-identification as a woman, Nancy chose to wear men's clothing for reasons of personal comfort. Regrettably, her masculine presentation made her a frequent target for harassment.

Her encounters with the authorities often led to her detainment at Lincoln Heights jail and, notably, within a distinct section of the Sybil Brand Institute known as the "Daddy Tank." The Daddy Tank served as a segregated facility within the Sybil Brand Institute, housing masculine-presenting women and lesbians.

In an inspiring turn of events, Nancy's determination led her to conduct research at the Los Angeles County Law Library in 1951. Through diligent investigation, she unearthed irrefutable legal evidence confirming that a woman wearing men's clothing was not, in fact, a criminal offense. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Nancy collaborated with her attorney to bring an end to the recurrent arrests that had plagued her life.

Her tenacity and legal discovery played a pivotal role in challenging the discriminatory practices of the time, contributing to a more equitable and just society for all.

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